Future of Frontend Development

Tom Wilson

August 14, 2019      

The current status of frontend development is a high dependence of sophisticated tool chains to leverage a strong developer experience (DX) to deliver a strong user experience (UX). Often times we think in terms of tradeoffs between the optimal deliverability of a web application, either sacrificing DX for UX or vice versa. Do we have to continue to make these trade offs? Or is there way we can have our DX and deliver optimized UX? In this talk, I will review the current status of frontend development and talk about how using a different approach and framework we can have an incredible DX experience but deliver a high UX experience.

About Tom Wilson

As the Chief Technology Innovation Officer of Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc, Tom Wilson believes firmly in education and empowerment of development teams - allowing for the creation of an innovation funnel that drives the success of the company. He enjoys working with Functional JavaScript, NodeJS, CouchDB, Svelte, and React, as well as boating and golf during his free time. You can follow him on Twitter: @twilson63

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